What enchantments do you have?

What enchantments do you have and where did you find the items you got them from?


Currently I only have a few (Fiery soul trap, Frost damage, Fortify carry weight, Fortify magika regen, Fortify stamina and Resist fire damage (Very useful for fighting draons)) and I was wanting to get some of the best to enchant on my Dragon armour (yay for 100 smithing) and Deadric war axe. I have enough bones, scales and ebony ore for 2 sets of everything if I don't like the ones I've put on.




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Mostly 2 handed weapon damage. Putting Heavy Armor skill on the body and weapon damage % on the others. Doing mostly Bow damage for the equip of my wife/follower.

Found some boots with 40% fire resistance which helps a TON with fire breathing dragons. (add a fire resistant potion to the mix and I can actually stay alive for a bit) I also have bracers that add 25% one hand damage. Those I found really early and even though they are weak armor wise that bump in attack power is just too good to give up.