What else can I do if reporting seems pointless? :/

Alright, so I will respect the forum rules and not name and shame (though I believe it's deserved sometimes, like in this case), but I have reported the same person twice-once through the COD recently played menu, once through the XBOX gamertag menu. I have saved the film, both the edited and unedited version, for reference if the people who review reports want to check it (though I don't know how to ask them to review it or even if you can ask them to review it). But basically, I have irrefutable proof of lagswitching-the film shows my character doing the running animation, with the gun bobbing up and down, yet not moving at all when no obstacles are in the way-right before I get shot with no ability to defend myself. Now while I was playing the game, it didn't do that; I would seem to run forward and then suddenly pop back to where I was a few seconds ago, but the film still shows signs of tampering irregardless, so I suppose that will work too. And even though the game does not register it and I technically cannot prove it, there were also many times where I held the trigger a few seconds before I died and no bullets came out so of course I got killed.

But as I thought about this, I wondered if there was ever a report on them before. I looked at their profile and saw that the only two games were COD BLOPS and COD BLOPS 2. I figure that it's likely that they were reported before, banned, and just made a separate profile and started doing it again. This also cannot be proved, and though I find it highly unlikely that someone only plays two games on XBOX, I suppose it's possible, but it's still very suspicious. I just want to know if there's any other way to report someone, or any way to contact the people who review reports directly and ask them to watch the film as a form of proof. And I want to see if they'll agree that it's suspicous that the rofile only has two games on it and check to see if other profiles on the same console were banned; see if maybe it warrants a full console or IP ban instead so that they cannot keep doing this. It's not fair! X(

Anyways, if anyone has some help or other suggestions for me, that would be fantastic. I've already done everything I know how to-report through COD, report through XBOX profile, and avoid, but if there's something else I can do or some other way to report that would be great. If not, I can deal with the waiting game, but I just hope this gets taken care of. :(


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I meant report cheaters. Lol I wasn't wearing my glasses when I typed the last message. I really don't need a spelling lesson. Lol

You can also root cheaters on the activision website as well. Here you even get the opportunity to explain why you are reporting. support.activision.com/Contact_Us

I hate and love Family Guy.  I hate that they make fun of less fortunate people, but love it when they're witty and off the wall without being offensive. That's when the show truly shines.

Wowwwwww family guy! Cmon now thats just not a serious point driven, reference use. Family guy you serious. Lol

I say this because I have been on the other end. It is a numbers game op. The more players that report the cheat in the same lobby the faster treyarch looks over the complaint. They proceed to look over the game film and hand out the applicable punishment. I know first hand that if you are lag switching and are caught, YOUR GAMER TAG WILL BE BANNED OFF THE CURRENT GAMES SERVER ASWELL AS THE 360, NO ABD IFS OR BUTS!


^My late father was a high school English teacher for 35 years.  You need an extreme amount of patience and compassion.  And to OP, I am aware of the differences in spelling between the English and Americans, and both forms are correct.  And I am not advising you to clean up your grammar, I only pointed out the one word.  It was even mentioned in a Family Guy episode concerning the non-word, "irregardless." I just thought you might want to know about it.

Actually I am a teacher who's teaching English, reading, & writing - but whatever...

Well...I was never aware of the fact that some people might consider a word like "irregardless" to be a perpetuation of improper grammar. I've never before been corrected by any English teachers or professors about it, never seen publishers avoid it's usage, never heard anyone correct themselves for using it when speaking, and never thought to wonder if the facts were not as they seemed because of the lenient presentation. However, if your only concern in such a matter is to advise me to clean up a few slight grammar mistakes, then thank you. Obviously you can tell that I pay special attention to my usage of the English language, despite a few typographical errors here and there, mostly due to sticky keyboards and expeditiously speedy phalange movements. However, I bring to you the case of what is "proper" English to some is not always "proper" to others; British English often includes a letter "u" with their letter "o" in words like flavor/flavour, color/colour, etc. Yet that was never the point here, and we should all remember that this is not high school, we are not English teachers, these are not our students, and this was never the point of the discussion.

And REGARDLESS of that (are we satisfied now?), I have heretofore and since found even worse than what I previously posted about; there was a fellow who died repeatedly in-game, yet even though his camera view shows his death, it does not show on the scoreboard or the death-ticker that lists names of who killed whom or who committed suicide. It was a match that was 16-100, and when watching the video saved on my channel, it is plainly clear that there is no way to do most of what he was doing without cheating in some way. You may watch my player channel videos if you like, that is plenty of proof. You should never be able to die multiple times in a match, with no suicides, and not have your deaths counted against you on the final scoreboard.

I wish, I REALLY WISH, that I could put that player's name on here without reprimand. However, the description of my saved film on the player channel will tell you who to look at, so I suppose if you want to check it out you can see for yourself.

And fellows, I'm not a "him". Just so you all know. [Yes, girls DO play shooter games sometimes these days! WOW!]

Anyway enough about that.  I do agree that game companies are too lenient with cheaters and care more about profit because if they really did hate cheating as much as gamers do, we wouldn't be dealing with them.  Kick them off xbox live, permanently, and let them play offline.  But no, have to protect the profits.

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