What do you want from Mw3?

After posting many threads about what I want in Mw3, I would like to see what others want in the next installment.


With the series peaking out it is going to be tough for Activision to keep putting out hit games.


So what is Activision going to have to do in order for you to buy Mw3?


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Couldn't care less about whats happening with Modern Mustache Groomfest 3.

Nothing really. I just want the game to be supported like Black Ops.

Combat Training.........................oh yeah, they have it now, its called Special Ops. IW will never match TA zombies though.

Based on the last few interviews with some of the developers, they are taking the game in the exact direction I would like to see it go.  Base the game more gun on gun.  What they basically said was taking what everyone loved about cod4 and adding in the stuff people didn't hate about mw2.  This in my eyes, is going to make for a fantastic shooter as long as the devs can deliver.

I rarely play objective based games without at least 2 friends in the group, but I would like to see more done to persuade people to get out and help their team.  The person that goes 25-25 in domination with 5 caps and a few UAVs is doing more for the team than the guy that is 46-1 that had his two chopper gunners shot down before he could do anything.

That sounds like a good game Trent.  I hope it comes true.  I miss the game play of cod 4 before all the hacking.  

I would like to see a more simple prestige system like the one in cod 4.  55 to prestige is enough with 10 prestiges.  

1.  Give us more stuff as far as different types of ammunition for weapons.  More bol t actions with the ability to remove the scope and use iron sights or red dot.  

2.  In spec ops give the ability to have up to 4 people in a party to compete in the mode.

3.  Big game battles with 24 players this time.

4.  A leaderboard system that makes sense, that goes based on kills,wins, and score.

5.  A ffa mode with objectives instead of just killing.  Control areas or something for a period of time.  Or randomly pick a player to deliver something with all the others trying to kill you and take the package.  

6.  Although fun items like throwing knives and tomahawks are unrealistic in the game and should not be included in mw3, most people can't accurately throw a knife or ax more than 30 yards, just a symple melee knife or tact knife.  

clean, gun on gun play with air support as a supplement, not an overpowered game changer like it is in MW2.  Less incentives to camp.  Less exploits to  exploit like OMA/DC.  I know Robert Bowling said this will be changed, but until I see it, I aint buying it.  Thats why I am waiting on this game until the real user reviews start to roll in.  

A bonus mode where i can shot a harpoon at Bobby Kotiq.

CoD4. Nothing more, nothing less.


No op air support. No op explosives. No bull.

I give up, Im just going to cross my fingers that it wont be a pile of poo.

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