What do you usually do when you see boosters in the back, of your spawn?

 I love using C4 on them, sometimes I'll get five of them at a time. I did it this morning and the idiot thought an enemy was shooting at him and went looking all around like crappy A.I.


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Not met any in this yet,But i will hound them until they leave the server i am in.

hiding in the corners of the maps not paying attention .....and then what what!!!! i take em all out !!!!!

blow up the bot

Blow up the bot or use my bot to kill the guys that are doing it.funny stuff i need to boost my gamer score any help...lol

Haven't seen any boosters yet but if I do I will mortar them like there's no tomorrow.

I drive a HUMVV into them at full speed, if you jump out before you hit them, you don't lose any XP for TKing.

That said the last time I did this^^, I killed 3 out of the 4 guys boosting and the last guy still alive had the nerve to start repairing the HUMVV, so I knifed him.

I shoot

Killing them is just as fun as playing the game :)