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Earlier today , I found a car at the auction house with a design that I liked . The buyout was  50,000 over the price to buy the car at the store . I went to his storefront , thinking I would buy the design if he had it there . His storefront , however was totally empty . No designs , tunes , vinyls , nothing . So I messaged him asking if he would sell me the design for 100,00 credits . I sent it as a voice message . He messaged back saying he can't listen to voice messages and what did I want . So I explained what I was looking for . He then said " ... no , I won't . You can buy it at the AH ! " ( his emphasis , not mine ) . After further exchanges , he said that his designs were " 100% " his and I wouldn't find them anywhere else . Of course , that was in addition to the typical remarks questioning my gender preference , etc. . But never did I say anything about his designs not being his work . His adamant assertion that it WAS his design when that wasn't even questioned has me thinking they AREN'T his stuff . What would you think ?


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nothing, apart for the fact your offer was a lowball.

I think I'd be looking for someone a bit more mature to give my credits to.

No Khrono, my offer was actually twice what he was making for the design when you consider the price of the car . His buyout was 950,000 on a 900,00 car . I was willing to give him 100,000 for a design he was only getting 50,000 for by selling it with the car , so he was " lowballing " himself . And your right Trippul , he won't get my credits , nor those from any of my clubmates either . And that's too bad , because it's good work . But I still think he was quick to defend himself when no one had even hinted that his work was pirated . Which makes me think it was .

so for the price of two units you want a completely unlocked design for you to mess with, apply to countless other cars, then turn around and potentially sell...  no. that's NOT a good deal, that's a horrible deal.


if people sell their designs its usually for millions, not what you offered.


I'm not surprised he called you names and made a point of saying he did the work himself. if someone puts hours into something and is insulted by such a low offer they'd probably make a point to say its not some cheap copy.

I haven't done much with the livery editor (don't have the patience for it), but isn't it possible to sell a design "as-is" (i.e. locked so no one can mess with it?)  I understand that even by doing so, one would be able to apply that design to as many other cars as they feel like, but still...I thought when you sold a design it was automatically locked.

you can if you sell it through the storefront.  it will be sold locked, you can apply to that kind of car as many times as you want, but can't modify it, apply it to another kind of car, or sell a car in the auction house with the design.


if it is gifted to an individual you can see everything that went into it, cannibalize it, learn techniques, paste onto everything, sell it, gift it, etc.


if someones selling a design through the auction house they probably figure if you want it you'll get it that way. asking to make special accommodations to sell you JUST the design they probably assumed unlocked.