what do you think of mayday

ive been playing this with my wife on splitscreen.

once again theyve made it harder again.for me the the seeekers are to overpowered when opening the sealed doors.although the rhinos seem alot easier to kill.

the new crafting looks good as long as you dont get team mates pinching all the boxes as randoms always seem to.

only got to hive 9 and am really looking forward to the kracken.was having a great game earlier and lost connection to the host,we were gutted lol.

just wondered what other peoples views were.



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I only play this a couple of times not really all that good I guess. lol or it might just be my age to dang old. are you and your wife playing this on the XB1 I would not mine to learn a thing or two...

Somehow my friend beat the map and got all the achievements in 2 days. I still haven't beaten Nightfall to this day lol. We got close a few times but just fell short.

My friend got the survived mayday and mayday completionist achievement on his first try. Ya mayday is really easy on solo. I was using four relics and i got to the upper deck on normal!!! I could help you complete it if you want me to play with you just send me a friend request. :)

we play on the 360 war pig.as for tips its harder if your playing public cause all people wanna do is open search boxes first.

ive completed nightfall a couple of times lighting but the other half hasnt.i still need the last intel on the breeder.

thanks for the fr offer but neither of us are that good.i send the odd fr out to ramdoms that we enjoy playing with that are recreation as there in it for fun and dont usualy rage if it fails lol.

I didnt say you had to be good. You can still play with me if you want. I dont serch boxes first, and im on the 360.

Solo is only "easier" because you don't have to worry about other people going down, searching all of the boxes, failing the challenges, etc. It's "harder" because you have to do everything yourself: throw down ammo, throw down armor, activate the traps, watch the drill, throw flares, protect your sentry guns, etc. Completing it solo, just like completing it with a team, requires some luck (in regards to what challenges you get). I don't feel amazing after having finished a completionist run. How could anybody?

A couple of challenges that I know of (one has of them has since been removed) were completely ridiculous: (1) kill a phantom while it is still in the air (before the first fight with the Breeder; apparently, IW wasn't factoring lag in) and (2) kill 25 aliens with an assault rifle (the latter is a Mayday challenge that can come up after the tentacle challenge, where there is no AR in sight; you have to go all the way back and down the stairs to grab the Honey Badger).

This isn't even counting the bugged challenges (hopefully, they're fixed now): for example, kill 10 seeker aliens before they explode (on Nightfall, only 8 would spawn out of their respective meteors).

In other words, obtaining the various Completionist achievements isn't something to be proud of. More like, "Phew. Glad that's over with."

Solo is easy for me!