What do you guys think?

Do you think it would be a waste for me to spend $30 on the game of the year edition to get all the add ons and  to play with my friend to be fresh for borderlands 2 or do you think I should just save my money and wait for the second one to come out since its in a couple months?


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Personally, I would go for it. In fact, I just started a new play through myself to get reacquainted.

i would buy it. i got it a few weeks ago and dont regret it.also the story from what ive heard is supposed to tie into bl2.

Why would you not buy a full game with 4 dlc (each worth 10 dollars) for only 30 dollars. That is at least 30 hours of game-play for one play-through.


How is this not as easy as "hmm, should I eat that pile of crap over there, or have some of this fresh, delicious pizza? Bette sit down and think about this one..."

I would definitely say buy it, you will want to know what's fully going on when Borderlands 2 comes out :D

BUY IT even bettr if u have frens playin it already