what do you guys consider a good KD in Gears 1 (Gears 2 can apply tho as well)?

personally, I consider a player good if they average at least a kill per round and have at least a 1.5 KD

i have a 1.70 kd and i almost have a kill per round average...so i consider myself pretty good ;)

i was just wonderin what you guys consider good?

I always considered the standards for this game different than other shooters such as cod...in cod usually the great players have a 2.0 or above kd...which really isnt hard to get at all but i find that pretty hard to get in this game unless you are playin scrubs

but maybe you guys feel different



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Who cares about K/D, especially in CoD, in GoW.

K/D Dosn't matter at all ( within reason )

For example, these can all make your k/d lower but don't necessarily mean your a bad player

You have a bad team compare the the other team - All your team dies streight away leaving you with a 4v1.

You constantly run into host - Say in a game you and the host both run for the same power weapons at the start of the match ( ignoring team mates backing you up ), if your good then should be able to beat the host anyway but host is a big advantage and if they are good aswell, I'd expect you to die

Lag - You could join a laggy game and not do aswell because of it

Glitchers - Someone could glitch to gain an advantage and kill you

These factors could contriubte to a couple less kills / deaths a game ; not much but over a period of a month / 100 games or whatever it really adds up.

Obvious K/D can indicate a difference in players if the gap in K/D is massive such as 0.2 and 4.2 ; the 4.2 player will obvious be superior and the 0.2 player to be new to the game.

Well, thats my opinion.

you guys must have some really bad luck lol

you would have to have a really bad team to always have a 4 v 1...3 v 1s are hard but sometimes i get em...1 v 1s or 1 v 2s are easy for me

as for host, you already said it, any good player should be able to beat host, enough said

lag = always join games with 3 connection bars, problem solved..i stick with that, and ive had one problem with host ever, i live in new york, the host was from cali, so i left the first round, it was literally unplayable...otherwise lag is fine for me

glitchers = theres really only one glitch that can kill you? aka crabwalk?...either a. stay away, you have to play defensive glitchers play offensively...or b. worse comes to worse and you still feel like you cant kill them after a couple rounds, glitch back, im not gunna let a glitcher kill me because he has an "advantage", kill him normally, glitch back, or leave...choose 1

K/D is the most important part of this game, besides Annex, and its even more important in gears 3 because your k/d affects the entire team

you should only be lookin at 2 stats in gears 1..k/d, and kills per round...nothing else is important...if you disagree because you have a poor k/d you are negligent

yes everybodys k/d is gunna be lower than it should be...but i really dont think your reasons above affects it THAT much, if you are a good player you are going to have wayyyyyyy more good games than the couple bad games you get, it only makes sense, if you have more bad games than good that means your a bad player! not rocket science lol

my k/d is 1.7...i would say it should probably be 1.8, maybe 1.9 but that might be pushin it lol, so i would say theres a .1-.2 point difference depending on your luck i would say, i guess ive had my share of good experiences with this game which is why i love it so much

(im not arguing btw, i agree to disagree lol)

if your KD is under 1.5 you suck

gow1 - 2.3kd (exe)   gow2 - .8kd (wzne)

and in the gow3 beta i rocked a 3.1kd / 8.0 wl. (tdm)

There are so many newcomers and @@@ players out there that cannot perform on their own that an average players k/d in Gears of War (1,2 or 3) will be higher than COD.  An average players k/d  in Gears 1,2 or 3 is 1.5.  Above average, 1.6 - 1.9.  Good player, 2.0 - 2.3.  Great players have k/d's of over 2.4.  Weekly and Monthly k/d is what really matters.  80% of the Gears community is @@@ at the game when they first start.

I don't think K/D matters as much in a game like Gears of War because everyone fills different roles. I am much more interested in win-loss ratios. When I run with my friends, I tend to be more long range support with lancer/hammerburst. I get my fair share of kills, but I would say my K/D only hovers around 1.6 or so.  But in the beta for instance, compared to my friends, I had a TON of assists because I am always providing lancer support to the guys that rush in. Even though there were some days I played by myself because no one was on, and those were the days my win-loss ratio suffered the most, I think it still ended somewhere around 3.8. If I can win 4 matches to everyone I lose, or in other words, win 80% of the games I play, I am OK with filling the role I do and being support instead of the clean up guy.  I also played mostly KOTH though, and I think K/D across the board tends to be a bit lower in that game type because lives don't matter as much. But even if it was warzone/execution/tdm, I would still care more about doing what it takes to win the match than my personal stats.

kd is pointless if u lose all the time. 2.3kd with a 7.6 w/l were my beta #'s. Had a cheating friend that had a 1.4kd with a 77.0 w/l. How is that even possible?

i think the k/ds of all the games are way different...my k/d in gears 1 is 1.75 but in gears 2 when i played it for the sh1tty month i played it my k/d was over 2 and the gears 3 beta my k/d was ridiculous lol...tahts why i still love gears 1 i personally think its the hardest game...not as many opportunities to get kills due to less players so you actually gota be good to get em for the most part...not that i dont love gears 3 from the beta and i wont be playin it nonstop...i just think gears 3 makes it much easier for newbies for many many reasons

and sl00p is a beast...#1 all time =p

and st. louis i get what ur sayin but theres deff a difference between playin with friends and playin with some random kids, i just got the game bout 3 weeks ago so i just go into random games and play, i dont usually play with friends, so i usually just run out and try to get my kills

in gears 3 there will be much more that matters than k/d but right now i think in gears 1 its one of the few things that matters...if u have a .5 k/d and a high win loss ratio that prolly just means u have really good teammates, no proof that your good even if you might be, ya get me?

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