What do you get with Elite?

£35 is alot of money for a non-playing expansion pack...

 So what do you get with the Elite add on, everything please, sorry if I don't reply for hours, off to hospital now!

Links and user replies would be great :)


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The main value is the DLC at a reduced price, which is kept after subscription runs out.  Other games have had season passes and given like 1 piece of DLC for free.  Elite seems to do the same thing, as well as offer support for clans and additional things on the elite service.

Stat tracking is free.  MW3 apps to set classes etc are free.  Anyway, the website explains best.

The premium feature of Elite gets you all the DLC ( And you get it early )  and various other things, as already explained above.

However, if you get the premium version of Elite before the 13th, you also get FOunder Status which gets you even more!

Things included with founder status are:

Founder weapon camo, Clan XP Boost, Founder In-Game player card and emblem, a private group on Elite, an exclusive founder profile skin and even more competitions and prizes!

Honestly if you know your going to get all of the map packs alone its well worth it. I could care less about the other crap.

It'll be worth it, if you are thinking about it just take the leap and get it.

This thing is a joke I hate to say it!

Why do you hate to say it? You don't have to be a part of it ya know? But for those of us that do, why are you hating? You must be interested a little bit, and you proved that by clicking this post and reading it, then by replying to it. I think you are trying to convince yourself that you are not interested in it, when in reality you are!

50 more bucks for that stuff NO!!! I click stuff so I can see whats going on duh!!! Really this thing is a joke its just a thing to suck more money from ya guys!!

The only thing that sucks is that I wont be able to use the PREMIUM THEATER dang it!!!!!!!!!!! lol

I'll wait and see if I like MW3 before buying the Elite add-on, I didn't loike MW2 because of rubbish maps, if MW3's are good then I'll buyt the Elite because I know I'll be playing it

Hey dude,

I have a couple things 1. Do you know when MW3 is going to have map packs on marketplace?   2. Elite, should wait and buy it before I buy the map packs or is advantage I can be using before that.   3.  Elite, how much does it cost:  can you pay for it microsoft points or only with your c.c.?