What do you collect in fallout?

Just list some of the things you collect from the wastelands. From either Fallout 3 or New Vegas. 

I'll start off. I have a habit of collecting Rare weapons and I love collecting Vault wear. Like Vault Jumpsuits, security uniforms, and Utility suits. 


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Damaged Garden Gnomes and Teddy Bears.

Teddy bears, the toy cars and mini Nuka Cola Trucks, the Dinky the Dino toys, and I horde all unique weapons and armor, even if I never wear it

One character in FO3 was absolutely obsessed with Nuka Cola. I don't even remember how many she had in her machine. It was absurd. Whenever I left Megaton, I always had to take into account I'd probably be returning with 20 or so pounds of Nuka Cola.

Another was obsessed with Skill Books. All of my stats were at 100, so there were of no use to me. I had a library full of skill books in my house. The character was knocking them over all the time.

Unique weapons and armour aswell as different regular armour and pre-war clothes. Pre-war money and chems piled on my bed.

Anything, unique.   Then I display it around my house.   My house in Novac is filled with stuff from my adventures.  Such as two bars of gold from Dead Money, the Scripture from Honest Hearts, unique guns I don't use like the Alien Blaster etc...


Unique clothes/armor I just store in my wardrobe though, they look weird 'displayed'.

I'm always afraid to leave my stuff lying around. I feel like I will loose it. Anyways, I always go around and collect rare weapons. I mean, who doesn't; they're so helpful! I also have a habit of trying to collect any scrap medal, scrap electronics, wonder glue, wrenches and, you guessed it, duct tape. Being able to carry around 5 repair kits is a lot easier than trying to find another gatling laser.

Guns. I hoard guns. In my locker/ closet in F3 and NV you'll find pretty much at least 5-10 of each gun in the game.

I also hoard armor.

anything unique and teddy bears

The bottles of pop that glow in the dark. Like have 10s of lava lamps in your room


Teddy Bears


Nuka Cola Toy Trucks

Rare Guns


Bottle Caps

Anything that can be use as armor

recipe items for the work bench, and camp fire.

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