what do u play?

argonian thief bow/daggers -lovethe instant kills from sneaking

nord warrior 2hand 1hand shield vs dragons   only use restoration to heal

high elf mage   fire/frost necro  w/ ritual stone so i can have 10 pets at a time


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On this playthrough which is my first and only so far I'm playing as an Imperial warrior type currently using heavy armor, one-handed and shield. Will end up making a stealthy assassin/thief type with light armor and a bow, possibly a Khajiit or Dark Elf. Then a magic based mage with some beastly enchanted robes, maybe Breton or High Elf. I also wouldn't mind being a ruthless Nord to try the Stormcloaks path.


So many character possibilities it's almost mind boggling.

I am roleplaying as an orcish monk, using a mace in one hand and a healing spell in another (I wanted to use a wooden stave). I only wear light armor on my hands and feet.

When roleplaying I always keep in mind the best for the NPC no matter what -- ya, all the time... it sometimes costs me more than a penny or two. I refuse to use any other magic besides Alteration and Restoration. Some of my main money making techniques come from smithing and alchemy. I do not use enchanting because magical equipment comes from a higher being, however I do disenchant magical weapons to cleanse the world. 

I find it pretty fun to roleplay, even if I have nobody to do it with.

I mostly play as a imperial or dark elf but lately i have been playing as a breton. Then i either use magic or a sword

Nord warrior with light armour,axe and shield and a bit of magic aswell.

Main character is a Male Nord Fighter/Rogue hybrid. Light armor, Sword/Shield and Bow with a little touch of restoration magic. I also have a male High Elf Mage that I will probably give up on because Mage is just too weak for my taste. I just started a Female Imperial Rogue/Assasin that so far is just fantastic. I'll probably stick with her for quite a while.

Imperial Male

Heavy Armor


No magic. (unless you want to count shouts)

Potions only

Nord Male:

  • Mercenary
  • Skilled Archer
  • Master Theif
  • Illusion magic (fury - making friends attack each other)

I love this game so much. Glad it's not just me that role plays lol! Am tempted to write a short story about my guy...is that going to far? lol

Dark elf

Kind of all around. I likie using double daggers and archery. Still pull out the sword and sheild and the destruction spells. Light armor and lots of sneakig also

Imperial male, I use a mix of magic, one handed, two handed and archery. But mainly one handed and archery. I'll wear my nightingale armor and have Aela following me in either her Daedric or maybe a duplicated set of my nightingale.

Redguard Weapons Master

Light armor, one-hand, and bow.  It's pretty cool when I take down a few dudes with my sword...decapitating one, then turn to snipe a dude, who is running directly at me from behind, by knocking him off his feet in slow motion with a critical hit.  Maxed light armor + Adrenaline Rush= crazy stamina.  I can usually take out four dudes in a row with all one-hit crit. kills.  

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