What dlc is Zaeed in?

I only need to do his loyalty mission to perfect this game but can't find his dlc could someone maybe give me a link or tell me hat to buy


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You will need to get a Cerberus Network code as Zaeed is part of that marketplace.xbox.com/.../00000000-0000-400c-80cf-0001454108ce.


It costs 1200 microsoft points.

Dang i really want to perfect this game i just don't know i wanna drop that much for 1 achievement, Thanks tough. i thought he was part of the overlord DLC.

It really depends on if you are going to stop playing the game after getting that achievement, if so then it really isn't worth the money/points.


However from the Cerberus Network you get Zaeed, a visit to the crash site of the original Normandy, the Firewalker Pack (where the Hammerhead was first introduced), Cerberus weapon and armour, and lastly the Arc Projector heavy weapon.


Still a little pricey for 1200 points but they'd prove their worth over more playthroughs.

Wow, well ME2 is my favorite game and ill do a couple more play-troughs i didn't know you got all that i still got 1300 points  ill probaly get it. Also, i love the gamer pic can't wait to see the movie.