What Did You Think of Epic Games Easter Bunny Event for Gears of War 3 ???

I must say as a huge fan of gears 1 and 2 I had reservations about adapting to gears 3. The easter bunny event epic put on was awsome. The throwback to fighting the horde without barriers and shooting easter bunny players was the most hilarious thing! Epic has a great sense of humor!! I just realized that its just a game, ment to be fun, and Not taken sooooooooo seriously.!!

Cheers to epic for the Easter event!

I can't wait for christmas!!!


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Not impressed as they have already done one like this and if I really wanted to play old game modes I would just play GoW 2.

I played it one time just to get credit for the War Supporter medal and that was it.

Same here, i stayed on the Guardian playlist and BTTE, didnt see the "bunny" helmets.

I'm glad i didnt, they sort of get in the way like the pumpkins did during haloween weekend.


Nevertheless, i like that EPIC goes that extra mile and enables such wacky bonus' in game.


I'd personally like the pumpkin in the gnashers only playlist. It had a gears feel to it.

Bunny heads made it feel like we were all splicers from Bioshock.

I am glad they are able to add more Beast Creatures, even though it was only temporary. Maybe they will add more in the future.

Would love to have a grinder, Raam and Skorge in Beast

Raam would be nice but Skorge would depend on the weapon. If they could work in that double chainsaw thing then I would be interested.

i loved the easter event---classic horde was so much better without the bs fortifications and wasted time in between waves---

Yea I wonder what is taking Epic Games sooo long to figure out that EVERYONE wants to see Scourge again!!!!

I didn't like the fact you couldn't use the boomshields as a barricade like GOW2 it put me off.