what did 6000 ms give me?

Played me3 the first time and didnt really realize you could boost your military strength..Just played a 2nd time and went into the last battle with over 6000 military strength.

What exactly is the difference? Cutscenes an  comments ( Reapers still advancing) seem the same. Only thing difference was "one breath" at the end.

Was that it or did I miss something?


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Not only to you unlock the other 'endings' but you get minor variations to them depending on your EMS.




Take the Star-Child's nonsense on board for an explanation, as each visual ending is rather indistinct.

There is only one ending to Mass Effect 3, and it sucks. Sadly, nothing you do can fix that either. Bioware might consider a different colored explosion, or a quick shot of Big Ben to be a different ending, but the rest of us know better. If you play the MP, play it because you enjoy it and it's fun, not to raise your EMS. Raising EMS is pointless, there is no number you can reach that doesn't make the ending an unfulfilling waste of time.

I just close my eyes and make up an ending as the music plays.