What Classes of MP Characters are You Using?

So far I’ve maxed out the Engineer class at 20 and am currently working on my Drell Vanguard Assassin since Friday.

I’m assuming that because it’s a demo that none of our XP will carryover. It’s still fun anyway.

The MP is a blast to play. I can’t wait to see the other maps.


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Adept level 20 and started an engineer last night.  I think my engineer is around level 8.  My N7 rank is 22 or 23.  

Human female vanguard

Quarian engineer

and human female infiltrator.

I really want to play as the quarian but unfortunately try as I may she never unlocks

I play all of them.

level 19 asari adept

level 15 krogan soldier

level 18 quarian engineer

level 19  turian sentinel

level 19 human infiltrator  <- Want salarian

level 20 human vanguard

A lot of folks on my friends list plays the demo so I'm always playing the demo with someone and it's usually a full room. So we be playing into the wee hours in the mourning. HA

i have been liking the female human sentinel and the salarian infiltrator. there are a few others that i would like to try but i just cant seem lucky enough to unlock them.

The main thing that I learned from the demo is that the Turian sentinel is a beast. He's amazing. I would only bring assault rifle when I play this role (and I pretty much only brought one weapon per class). Sentinel will be the first thing that I fire up, again, with the full retail release.

I also got a huge kick out of the adept with just a zero weight sub machinegun. The gun is rubbish, but it's carried because I have to. For any enemy without shield it was: singularity then warp (they explode).

Infiltrator was fun, also. Invisible headshots. Invisible teammate recovers and objective captures. Invisible melee felt a bit off, though, as the ai would always sense me coming.

The one class that I completely fail at is vanguard. I don't like that its powers are fueled by its barrier (is the adepts?). That will be the last class that I play, unless I score a krogan from a pack. 

Tried out my Turian last night and was a little disappointed for he has no roll or side to side move, I've always prefered the faster more agile characters which is why I'm so ecstatic about the Quarian and Asari, I only bring one gun (The Mattock, of course!) for it keeps my weight bar to about one third full, there's no shortage of ammo which prevents the need for a second gun (I always have a rocket or two in my pocket anyway), the Turian could sure take a poundin' though, will we get a Volus to bounce around with?...:-)

You're right: Turian has no dodge move whatsover. I forgot about that downside. With lighter classes I like to roll off of ladders, and I can't do that with him.

Props on your Mattock preference. I just used it (for the first time) to beat my ME2 insane run. It's an excellent rifle, but I don't want to have to fan the trigger that much in multi. Single player wasn't so bad, as the fighting was not as frequent or intense.  

i'm enjoying the vanguard class, for the whole two games i've played. charge and shotgun is super entertaining.

I really like the Asari Adept, I carry a Mantis X Sniper and run around with Stasis and do work. I have it to a 19, I have a 20 Infiltrator which is also amazing, A 19 Engineer, and 15 for the other classes.

It took a bit, but me and a couple of friends finally beat gold. No we just play silver because gold was just hectic.

I play as an Asari Adept. I would like to start an Infiltrator or Engineer, but I want to start with a specific race for both. Those Humans are all racist.

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