What can I do?

1st off sorry if this is the wrong place but didn't know where else to go.

I was playing online in bad company 2 and I started getting hate mail from some guy then he asked me to join a party so I did and he started going on about how he mods his console.

I never really thought about it at the time but a few days later I was reading through some things on the internet and I realized its people like him that are ruining games, I want to report him but hes not on my last played list

anyone know what I can do?



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Nothing. You should of done it then.

well yeah I know that now but that's a bit crap on Microsofts part if you can't do anything now. Do you not agree?

no i dont agree he goes on about modding his consol and you took a couple of days to realise it was bad and that you should have reported it.

use commonsense.  

what you mean you don't agree he mods his console? you don't even know who im talking about :S

It's hardly MS fault that you can't report it now.  "Hindsight is always 20/20."  Lesson learned I think, the next time it happens! 


Should have done it there and then.

The only way you could report him now would be if you did not delete the messages he sent messages stay for 30 days before being removed unless you delete them first. If you still have them you can get to his gamercard and report him from there.

Well if he suspects the guy of modding his console and he remembers his GT it can't hurt to just search for it and report.

OP, I'm confused.  So let me get this right.  You received a bunch of hate mail from this guy.  Then, he decides to invite you to a party chat and YOU ACCEPT?  He doesn't further harass you which one would expect, but rather goes on about modding his console?  Either your story is a bit fishy, or that guy has bi-polar disorder.  Either way any normal person (let that soak in a bit) would have sent negative feedback and filed a complaint immediately upon receiving multiple hate messages.  Not to mention blocked communications from him.  Oh yeah and not have gone into his party like a deer staring at the headlights of a oncoming car.  For having 17K gamerscore it seems like you should have known what to do at that time.  Maybe you just got sidetracked?


In the future, don't take it sitting down.  Do what I listed above.  

Am I the only who pictures somebody panicking and talking really fast like they were afraid of getting in trouble?  "Well I was just minding my own business and then all of a sudden... uhh (omission of truth here)... and now I want to do the right thing and report them."  Sounds about right to me.

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