What buffs mines?

Kinda like the subject says. I've been trying to figure out if anything buffs mines. I know they're an activated power, but are more like a grenade. When i use Recon and proxy mines  the points of damage go towards "grenade damage use" in the combat mastery challenges. Anyone??


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Awesome! Thank you

You're welcome "BbkHiv"  :)  Just so you know, Firebase Glacier is a particularly effective map for Recon Mines & Proximity Mines to be used.  When the Mission starts, head down towards the "Lower Basement" of the map.  There is plenty of cover here, so pick an entrance to deploy your explosives and defend the other one yourself; only returning to your selected little fun zone to re-deploy more explosive ordinance when they're consumed by unwanted guest  :)  If things get too hectic, get out of here and return to where the mission started (drawing the enemies away from your camping spot).  Come back to you camping spot and please, don't forget to set-up the party favors before the party crashers arrive  :)  Oh, I almost forgot, have a blast!  LOL  :) 

That's an awesome amount of good information thank you. I've been playing around with Volus Engineer and have come up with some amazing results with the proxy > recon mine combination. That with Arc Pistol X vs Geth and Gold becomes almost a cake walk with a good tank.