What are your Forza Drivitar Base Stats? at present.

Forza Level:67

Total Races:193

Drivitar sync:62%

Perfect/Good Turns:   809/1'057

Perfect/Good Passes:  64/699

Perfect/Good Drafts:    86/51

Total car collisions: 634

Total major collisions: 0


I reckon it would be good to see some comparision.please join in. :)


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Where do I find it Saber ?

How is your sync so high mine is at 59% and I'm level 129 meaning I've played way more but my sync is lower

Yeah you would probably own me at forza lol...Im not much of a racer i do enjoy the game and ive gotten 3rd place racing online before but yeah im just an average joe smo ......but i will say that my cars are max out for handling and speed nice little balance i have ...just need a better driver for them lol...or some practice.

Found it, I've not done a lot but here you are,

Forza Level:23

Total Races:71

Drivitar sync:34%

Perfect/Good Turns:   87/329

Perfect/Good Passes:  87/402

Perfect/Good Drafts:    30/13

Total car collisions: 206

Total major collisions: 0

Forza Level: 74

Total Races: 240

Drivitar sync: 54%

Perfect/Good Turns:   1102/1576

Perfect/Good Passes:  202/1411

Perfect/Good Drafts:    171/97

Total car collisions: 904

Total major collisions: 0


Nice 1,gr8 to see the comparison,not sure on how my drivitar sync is higher,I barely touch,MP for the obvious reasons,and every career race is matched with a couple of rivals races,to get fully clean races in,times without any ! in a triangle,and fully doing the bonus races on the serieses,I only have 9 cars to atm,maybe this is why im not sure?.


And as it goes has everybody claimed their latest december forza rewards,got my 300k last night.