What are you hoping for in the full version?

Now that we all had a chance to experience the madness, what are you hoping finds its way into the retail version? 

Here's what I'm thinking...

Deep customizations for both Pilot and Titans - I expect that this is what will consume me for the first couple months, the need to try different load outs, weapons and unlock accessories for them. I know beta's generally have a very small selection, and I hope this is no different. I was also impressed in the beta about how me and 2 of my friends all preferred different weapons on both. Which brings me to...

Weapon choices - I don't need a BF4 sized selection, and I found your weapon in the game to be a lot less important then you think it would be for a FPS, but I still love fiddling around with new weapons. I'm mildly nervous that burn cards will replace weapon choices.

Objective Team based mode - Yes, all modes are team based with objectives, but I'd love to see something similar to an attack / defense objective, or a unique take on a CTF map. I 100% expect there to be more modes, and I'm sure one of them will be along these lines.

Co-op mode - There is no conventional story mode, but I'd love to have some kinds of Co-op mode where a story progresses, your team has to work together, and there are some map changing elements that force you to parkour your plug *** out of danger. Against an NPC environment.

I was happy that the beta proved that this game is for real. It has the speed of CoD, the fun of Halo, and the "epic moment" feeling of BF4. I know the grunts around stupid as ***, but I love them. They make me feel like a hero on the Battlefield, and they aren't hurting anyone (literally). As a guy who rediscovered my fondness for online FPS a year or so ago, I'm totally down with the grunts letting new players or less than stellar players get in, enjoy themselves, and contribute. 

And unfortunately, the last match I played in beta is when I learned to wall hang, and that will make the next couple weeks unbearable.

Anyway, got a little off topic. What are you asking the gaming gods to have in this game?


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I forgot to add one thing...

A training ground! Preferably a multiplayer one where me and my buddies can go in and test things, load outs, tactics, and parkour perfection.

  1. Class and weapon variety.
  2. A sufficient amount of maps.
  3. An interesting amount of game modes (but not so many that it stretches out the pop levels)
  4. A few surprises (like the monsters I read about today).
  5. Support, updates and security.

how do i wall hang -_-? lol

I just hope there is at least one overpowered load-out so I can pawn some noobs.

LT for wall hanging!

no stupid flying around the map no titans and more kick on the guns...but maybe another mode where you can level the titans up in bot mode only so they get better with the more xp they get, unless they do all that which they wont..game is terrible

The last poster made me think... One thing I do like more in BF4 vs CoD or Halo, is that everything is leveled up separately. It wouldn't be as diversified in TF, as it's a different game, and weapon accessories are unlocked through challenges, but it would be cool if there was pilot xp and titan xp, so you'd actually have to use your titan to unlock weapons and such for it.

Also, titan camo's! Don't want us all looking the same.

^^Titancamos? Microtransactions FTW!........../facepalm

I expect more weapons, burn cards, more way to costume titans and pilots and usually more interactive maps.

Confirmed through Respawn, NO microtransactions.

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