What are you guys playing?

Pretty well the title lol.
What have you guys been playing lately?

As for me i've just been playing Assassins Creed 4 and Titanfall mainly. Waiting for Bound By Flame to come out Friday. I have high hope for that game for some reason.
Playing Wolfenstein (Activision) as well to get ready for The New Order later this month :)


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For the last 16 months 90% of my games played have been JRPG.

In the last week I have played an awful lot of Rainbow Moon (a great old school turn based isometric SRPG) and in the last couple of days I have been playing Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII.

I'd highly recommend both games to fans of their respective genres...

Just beat bioshock infinite. After e3(if a bioshock remastered isn't announced) I'm gonna start repeat all 3 bioshocks. Also I'm currently getting back into minecraft. Also I'm playing dead space 3 Co op with my friend.

Nothing, but Dark Souls 2 for the past month or so and I still have a long way to go until I have all the achievements. Just about to start NG++

Awesome game by the way, seen a lot of people haven't been happy with it, but I think it's just as good as the first minus a few things.

I've been playing Black Ops 2 and Madden. Waiting for the One version of Watch Dogs to come out.

I've been playing pretty much everything tbh. Hitman Enslaved Dust etc. I try to complete one game before starting another otherwise neither get completed lol. I still have so many games to play too! Recently I have really gotten into the halo 4 MP. I dunno why but its just really fun.I should really keep playing binary domain but I love my good ol' dose of Halo.

Deception 4 on the PS3,

I'm at a loss for something to play right now. Gamefly should be sending me Spiderman pretty soon. It's gonna have to hold me over until Wolfenstein comes out.

Think Ill grab Nutjitsui by @NinjaBeeGames as a time filler between now and Wolfenstein. I finished Child of Light the other day. Pretty good game and worth the price at $14.99

Just finished Deus Ex Human Revolution. Was really good. I'll either do another run or go back and play Okami/Ni No Kuni.

I've jut finished Child of Light. It's a good game. I think I'm going to start Forza 5 again until Watch_Dogs comes out.


I've been playing Sonic: Unleashed on the PS3 lately.


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