What are you buying with your tax refund?

IRS is online and my return is scheduled to br deposited on Feb 1st. Finally getting my Astro A40 headset and Halo 4. This is better than Christmas. Any significant gaming purchases planned with your money?

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This is the first year that I have no idea what to spend my money on.  Last year I bought my $1,000 Sony Bravia 3dtv along with paying off a car, paying off one of my quads, and fully insulating the basement of my house. Still had money left over but cant remember what I spent the rest of it on.  This year I really have no idea.  Might pay off my Subaru Impreza this year. Love that car in the winter.

Gonna preorder BioShock: Infinite and probably pick up Dragons Dogma and maybe some arcade games

A new TV is another possibility although I also have a hotel vacation planned and sticking a few grand away to move with in the summer. Right now I'm only gaming on a 32 inch 720p Panasonic. Not complaining about it much because the picture is still great however it would make a much better bedroom TV instead.

Nothing really? I just enjoy collecting hundred dollar bills. I should probably buy some gold though before they have zero value.

First I'm gonna count my money, then I gonna count my B...

We don't get tax refunds here in NZ until the middle of the year. It's unlikely I will get anything though as it's been years since I did. These days our tax is calculated so accurately it's rare to get one.

According to a couple of people I know who buy and sell metals for a living, silver is supposed to be the better investment.

With the list of games coming up I'll have a lot to choose from:

Dead Space 3

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Crysis 3

Metal Gear Rising

Tomb Raider

Gears of War Judgement

Bioshock Infinite

Army of Two: Devil's Cartel


Dead Island Riptide

Grand Theft Auto V

Splinter Cell Blacklist

South Park

Metro: Last Light

Or just put it to the side for the next Xbox.

Nothing gaming related, will likely put it towards my student loans.

I'll be finishing my gaming PC that I started last year at tax return time.  I bought all but 2 parts and then life smacked me in the face leaving me to use that money for other things.  Also I will be getting a recliner for my gaming room(bedroom).  The rest of the money will probably go into my savings account.

If you got nothing to spend with your money, Save It!!!

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