What are the worst games you've played in your entire life?

My worst games:

- Drake of the 99 Dragons: Horrible cel-shading graphics, PS1 cutscenes, awful voice-acting, clunky controls, clunky gameplay

- TriggerMan: N64 graphics, very broken AI, bad music, very bad gameplay

- Alien Rage: Non-existant storyline, mediocre music, clunky controls, and poor gameplay

- Bubsy 3D: Everyone knows why this game is awful, enough said

- Bionicle the Game: Jerky camera system, bad voice-acting, poor storyline, and it's extremely short (it can be finished within 2-3 hours on one go)

- Killzone 1: Terrible voice-acting, cliche & non-existant storyline, poor gameplay

- Pool Nation FX: BORING!

- Contra Legacy of War: Totally nothing like the other Contra games, bland graphics, mediocre to poor gameplay

- True Crime NYC: Ugly graphics, several bugs & glitches, and stale gameplay

- Halo 4: Not terrible, but not that great neither, it's just Call of Duty with aliens

- Crysis 2: Again, not terrible, but didn't care for it neither, it's also Call of Duty with aliens

What are the worst/disappointing games you've played in your life?


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Call of Duty Ghosts. Don't know why, but it felt a step backwards from Black Ops II.

I thought Halo 4 was great compared to 3.

And those various movie licensed games from this gen and last.

I don't tend to play many games i don't like, i tend to do a fair bit of research before i commit to paying for anything.

Deadlight on 360

Also I forget which one, but an Army Men fps on the first Playstation was terrible!

Not sure its the worst, but the most disappointing game ever for me was Brink.

I also don`t understand peoples obsession to any of the halo games.

I played 3, barely got through it and then got the anniversary one when it was on offer, which i didn`t finish.

I bought halo 4 for 50p at a car boot sale a month ago, and still haven`t played it.

@Owen I get what you mean about Halo, I barely beat Halo 3. Multiplayer was good however, but the single player is too open and a couple levels were bad.

Yaris was really bad. It was a free 360 game.


Seems like there are 2 similiar threads.  

I hate anything made by Bethesda.  I literally hate Fallout, Oblivion, Rogue Warrior.  And Skyrim was the most overrated game of all time.  

I am not being sarcastic.  I hate the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series.  

A couple games spring to mind that I purchased due to all the great reviews they got.  I'm sure they are lovely games, but I hated them --- Bayonetta & Street Fighter IV.

The Last of Us

My worst games:

1.Ghost recon advanced warfighter

2.rapala pro fishing

3.ww2 aces

4.motocross mania 3

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