What are the various ways to obtain Daedric armor?

I've come across a couple of armor pieces as loot (one was enchanted with Peerless Health, and the other was unenchanted).  I don't have the Smithing perks to make a set.  Are they mostly random loot drops, or will merchants sell them as well?


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you need to build it.  Occasionally I find a helm or gauntlets in a chest, but by the time it became a loot drop, I was able to craft it.  

I haven't run into any shop keepers that sell Daedric stuff. The only place I've found Daedric is at Mehrunes temple & one of the Hagravens. Mehrunes temple respawns about every week or so. You'll know when you approach as you get attacked by two Dremora. Then inside there are sometimes 3 more. That's the way I collect the hearts for smithing.

I'll try Mehrunes.  I'm happy with just the chest piece, but being a completist, it would be cool to stumble across more pieces.