What Are Some The Awesome Things You Have Done In Minecraft 360?

I am new to Minecraft & I have heard people say that Minecraft 360 is missing a ton of content the PC version actually has.  So I am curious.  What are some of the really awesome things you can do on the Xbox version.

I have already made myself a really nice house, got some tunnels dug & even have full body armor.  I know how to make a few of the cool things in the game, but not everything...

Please let me know...


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I made a house way up in the sky and another house right next to a ton of obsidian :)

I am new too and never really realised just how addictive Minecraft is.

At the moment I have been building a basement under the ground where my crafting and furnace tables are including my bed and eventually I will build my house on top. It's all basic at the moment but I have some cool ideas for it.

I did laugh last night though... a chicken found its way down into my basement, so I created a little corner of grass and fencing and waited for him to go in there, then i blocked him in.. he's kind of a pet now.. anyway I carried on mining my basement for iron ore and cobblestone and when I happened to look over at the chicken, he'd laid some eggs... BONUS!!

So i've been storing the eggs in my chest for a rainy day... LOL!!

Love it!

Nothing really, just waiting for updates. I can't play without pistons and clay.