what are decent stats?

ANYONE WANNA COMPARE STATS !?!LOL.jk(maybe) hi. so i think im a decent player.. and was wondering what are average stats for a somewhat BF(3) vet that puts in work and knows his way around the battlefield.? could mine pass as good? i played bfbc2 for a good while and vietnam(which was hella fun) and never ever looked at my stats or compared them. but i was still watched my kdr if i was workin and, not messin around. i usually always try to be on top :). i kinda like how this game is more focused on stats. maybe its just me. ill google for stat breakdown so i can understand em better. any suggestions? (OH CLICK ON MY KNIFE ; ) DUH! colortextiscool


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I am not sure where the good stats start and the bad stats begin around here but I would say you are an above average player IMO.  Now due to your title a this thread  a bunch of leg humping suckass will be telling you how stats are not important....just look at their stats and you will find out quick why they say that.

I think anyone who kills more dudes then they are killed is a plus. Not the end all be all  stat but a good sign . SPM is big and skill level..High Kd and huge vehicle or recon score numbers don't impress players.

Overall at a quick look I would go into battle with ya bro . There will for sure be guys who will look into your stats a bit further and find someplace to tear you up a bit.

I would say mine are average at best. Better players on my FL generally have 2.0 Kd or higher...500 Skill and 500+ spm. They don't play TMD or vehicle hoe either. Not sure why people think SPM boosts while  playing TDM as Rush would be much easier IMO.

Good solid player

I focus on Mvp Ribbons, W/L, K/d, spm, Score, and skill. That should give u a good indication of how good you are.

I tend to mostly look at SPM and KD (mostly SPM). I think your alright.

Decent, or above average to me is someone in the 1.4 Kd, 350-400 spm player. I have a 2.65 kd and a 520 spm btw.

I like to see teammates above 400 spm. My stats

I am in no way a great player when it comes to k/d but I think I do decent as an engineer and as a team player in Conquest mode.  I am always going after the flags and if there are vehicles then I always try to take them out.  Or if there are not vehicles then I use the medic class to heal people.   Here are some of my stats. Again I dont concentrate on K/D.  I concentrate on collecting flags and destroying vehicles and having fun.  





Time in game 65:46:38

Time as engineer 42:15:15

Wins 189

Losses 174

Conquest wins 169

Conquest losses 135

MVP ribbons 60

Flags captured 451

Flags defended 510

Kills 631

Headshots 484


Vehicles destroyed 454

Mine Kills 204

Javelin kills 114

Javelin hits 516

Stinger kills 14

Stinger hits 69

IGLA kills 26

IGLA hits 117

SMAW kills 32

SMAW hits 117


Heals 285

Revives 138

Wins and spm is what I look at.  My k/d is very bad.  But I go for the objective.  Might not always get the objective but near it in rush.  Also barely use vehicles other then for a quick ride if I even get the ride.  Most time on foot getting chopped up rushing like a lunatic to the mcomm.  Objective score is another area to look at kinda.  But rush your fighting over it with your own team to get the points.  Where if ya play CQ then the whole team shares the points which is kinda cheap and to easy.  Thats why I prefer rush for the challenge.  Hours played helps.  Cause that jumps your spm up big time with medals.

My K/D is about 1.0.  I only play Conquest and now only play the Karkland maps.  I usually focus on two flags and either capture or defend them in order.

To me K/D means little if your team loses because nobody is capping flags.  


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