What annoys you in mw3?

Im trying not to sound like i wine to much but these problems have to be annoying other people to.

1. Overused Akimbo FMG9. Every match has at least 3 people using these. The range and fire rate is ridiculous. The striker is annoying to.

2. The bad spawn system. Died and spawned a foot away from my killer and died again.

3. Lack of good maps. COD 4 had the best. MW2 had some good ones but not as much. MW3 has only 1 map i like. Its like they didnt even try.

4. Awful theater. I've gotten so many good random throwing knife kills and good gameplay, but theater crashes when i try to record or it dosen't even record at all.

Dont get me wrong i love call of duty. Ive played cod 4 all the way to mw3, but out of all of them mw3 makes me rage the most. I put in some black ops and maybe even some cod 4 to relieve the stress. I wouldn't of minded if they delayed it another month to polish it up. I love call of duty but theres only so much i can take.


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The spawns, they frustrate me.

I hate the maps and their cursed invisible barriers.

Love this COD (to date), no more noob tubers running danger close and people running around knifing; 2 things that turned me off to MW2 once it became rampant (never bought the map packs as I didn't stay playing long enough.)

As for your complaints:

1.  I hate Akimbo FMGs too...not because I get killed by them, but just think it's dumb that you can use a dual wield SMG like that.  It reminds me of the "Halo jumpers" too...again, not that they kill me, but they annoy me; if they want to play with akimbo and jumping around go play Halo!

2.  The spawn system isn't so bad, at least it's somewhat random...you need to learn to be "situationally aware"  Know where your teammates are; the enemy will not spawn from over there but where there are no team members (usually behind you).  By being "situationally aware" and throughly knowing the maps you can use this to your advantage...I do.

3.  I like most of the maps.  Let me guess...Your favorite map is Dome?  On Black Ops it Was Nuketown...am I close?  Will you admit it?

4.  Haven't run into any issues with theater; but then I don't use it much.  Guess you need to focus on playing the game rather than throwing knives wildly hoping for one to stick.  Every competent person on YouTube knows that that awesome knife throw was not pure ownage but pure DUMB luck.

The maps which leads to the horrible spawning system.

1. Bad maps- They're all so small and cluttered.

2. Invisible barriers- You can't even climb stuff that's waist high.

3. Weakened explosions- The frags, semtex, rocket launchers & C4's all pretty much suck now, I get an outrageous amount of hit markers with all of them. With MW3's new Trophy System, Ballistic Vests & Blast Shield plus the removal of Danger Close, OMA and the fact that Scavenger doesn't replenish noob tubes any longer the devs should of kept the explosive damage the same as MW2.

Thank you developers for ruining people like the poster above's experience.  It's only fair after ruining MW2 for me!  Danger Close and explosive damage complaints?  Are you kidding me?!  It was people who ran noob toobs with "danger close" that turned me off to the game after it was published by a well known "tips magazine" and everyone started using it.  Every time you used that crap against me it turned into a 1:1 ratio...and I'm sorry...being a 1.00 +/- 0.50 may be great for you, but that's terrible for me...just because you use a weapon that requires no skill so long as you are happy with a +/- 1.00 K/D Ratio on TDM shouldn't penalize me.  Fortunately, the developers got the clue.  They also got the clue about people running the unlimited sprint and commando perks as well.  They rarely got me, but ridiculous all the same.  This is a "FPS" not a "FPK" game!  Go play some Star Wars game if you want to play with knives (sabers.)


nothing annoys me now..ive sold it hahahahaha

The complaint threads annoy me the most. COD is what it is and there is no changing it or expecting anything different until a Next-Gen console come out. People need to come to terms with this and play, nothing more, nothing less.

Hey UneasyJmitchell, i agree with what your saying on this one, but you need to loosen up a little dude, i've read a few of your comments on this forum and it seems like you got it in for everyone!!!

chin up man, its not all bad!!!

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