What AI defensive Stratagies do you use?

What Defensive Stratagies do everyone use for their AI defence so when you start playing you don't have to worry about the AI defence messing up all the time and actually doing what they are suppose to do.


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I play a 2-1-2 and I am locked in with the RW and when the other team come for the rush I play 4 across the blue line.most of the times they would dump the puck in

And when you play 2-1-2 your defense AI does its job it doesn't go off somewhere and just let them shoot on the net or walk around them?

2-1-2 Low



Contain Puck

2-1-2 high



Protect net

The first 2 I'll turn up if I'm in need of a goal or I don't think the other guy will be able to handle it and counter. I go with PN because it's the best way to have a man positioned to stop the glitchy wrap-around. It lets the other guy take some outside shots, but I usually block 'em and get quick transition.

*These are mostly for HUT btw