What about Marty??

I am of course talking about Halo music director Marty O'donnel. I'm wondering whether he'll be taking leave of MS/Halo with Bungie or sticking around for Halo4 to do the music. There is a video on Waypoint that shows some concept art/music. It sure doesn't sound like his stuff.


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I love the music from all of the past Halo games, but I also kinda dig the sound of the music in the concept art vid. And I guess if there's ever a good time to change the sound it would be with Halo 4, the start of the new trilogy. Better to change it now and let us get used to it than change it in Halo 5 or 6.

I just watched the Halo 4 concept art video, and I'm kind of hoping that soundtrack in the back isn't going to be the official style of the game. It DOES sound more like sci-fi, but I didn't like it much comparing it to Marty's stuff. Part of Marty's style was painting a picture with his music that matched the landscape, situation, and skybox. That's why using an orchestra was so perfect for it. The new music in the concept art video is more electronic, and a little too weird. I guess it kind of makes sense for how that art looks, but I hope that's not what the overall soundtrack is going end up sounding like.

No more Siege of Madrigal easter eggs. :(

343i has their own musical composition team. Marty O'Donnell is not related to any future Halo games, unless otherwise stated.


I agree that it will be quite different not having Marty's special sounds in the game. But he's set a very high bar. I'm sure 343 won't let us down.

He's a bungie employee, not a 343 employee so i'm sure he'll be working on Bungie's next project and won't be involved in the development for Halo 4.

Can it even be a Halo game without his music? That's like  Star Wars without John Williams.

I was wondering about that myself. Since the new music is different I'm kinda thinking he might of stayed with Bungie. Halo is sure going to be different if he isn't around.