What about a Multiplayer, only game, but

 they have 15-20 new maps, and they add the best or all of the old COD maps( cod2,cod3,cod4, WAW)


game would have excellent graphics, more guns, older guns, also, and the such?


Buy it?


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Old topic but get over it! haha,

Definitely would buy this tbh, CODs a good game, just the campaigns are always to short, ,and the multiplayer usually has a lot of annoying people on it.. dedicated servers for a certain game mode would be nice..

The campaigns are really short, Jamie. The stories are really cool and I like all the action that they pack, but I would rather them make it MP only, too. THQ/Volition had a similar mind-set for Saints Row 3. They realized that the MP aspect of their game really wasn't what 90% of their fanbase wanted and they scrapped it. The result is a game that is sure to be one of the best open world games.

There's a handful of people who only buy it for the single player. TL;DR, it would hurt sales marginally.

Ive wanted this for a long time, but I play for MP only. It makes sense to me, but whatever. Free all that disc space up for maybe better, graphics, gore, more fps, more maps, weapons, customization, etc.........Maybe with a Next-Gen console, but probably just the same old COD for now.

We won't get a 'Next-Gen COD' until Microsoft stops bleeding the 360 to death.. They could drop their new console before Sony does and have COD as a launch title. People would buy that console up like crazy at launch. Their console would basically have the kind of sales numbers that COD has on it's launch day.

^^True dat, but prob years away, dunno.

I just wish you could pick which map to play like back in the counter strike days.  Sorry IW, but I have no time for fuel and afghanistan

there is probably some one at activision thinking that now

after bundling all the zombies maps together they may well

do something similar wih the multi-player maps