What a sad disappointment.

We've waiting how long for this? This is what they give us. <sigh> The campaign is good, the co-op looks fun, but the multiplayer is far under developed IMO. Aside from server issues, it's clunky, it's choppy, and just not that visually acceptable for me. Maybe I will try the PC version, but right now, I am disappointed. Flame away lol


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To me it is the same 'ol song and dance as past installments.  Don't get me wrong, the game is fun and I enjoy it, but maybe I was sucked in to the brilliant marketing this game had.  I seriously thought the MP portion would outshine the rest, but sadly it is the same meal just a different day of the week.


I do think the campaign is good and am having a blast with it.  Sometimes the lighting and glares are to realistic, overkill.  Other than that, it is a fair game.

Really?I gotta wait until Friday,I heard alot of good stuff too.Guess i will see for myself.Hope it aint that bad.I've been hearing the destruction is abit of a let down but apart from that i've heard its good?

For sure, let me know what you think. I'm sure my opinion will change down the road, but right now, the MP did not impress. Campaign is niice, and I hear co-op is great. Yeah destruction is <yawn>. Enjoy your Friday!!

Yeah,cheers.Think i should be on all day!

Just played a bit of MP, and its pretty good.  Solid gameplay, and so far the maps are pretty varied.  Only downside is the lag, but thats probably due to crappy school internet, and launch day stress.

Its definitely not the World Changing COD killer that they hyped us up to think. But by no means is this just an average or ok game. It is very very fun to play and will only get better once the servers are up to speed and a couple minor things get patched.

I like it so far...

Ive only played MP but Im really glad I rented this instead of buying, I love the battlefield series but this is a huge let down to me, luckily they released the beta because up until then I was planning on buying it. Its not a bad game but its nothing ground breaking.

i'm mostly a single player type of gamer and so far that portion of it hasn't impressed me.


I'm not a fan of the varied amount of hits it takes to kill someone.  Sometimes you can 1 hit with a sniper, other times it's 3 mass shots to do it.  Also, I've found myself being killed by people who have no business shooting me, yet I seem to die quicker than if the tables were flipped.  This may just be me, but I also feel like people are really small overall.  COD ( I know) for example, the people are just bigger and a bit easier to see in general whereas here they almost seem like G.I. Joes.

Also, someone else has mentioned the weird lobby system.  I can't change my stuff before the game, I can't leave unless I dashboard or wait until the next game.  If you're with friends (even 1) you're not guaranteed to be on the same squad let alone TEAM!

I feel like this is just going to be a place holder until MW3 and I was hoping that it would be a bit better.  It's much better than say HF, but I feel like it's a bit below COD, sorry.

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