What a disappointment!!!

I actually got this game the other day as a gift. I was waiting for it for a while because I thought it would a good game. Maybe somewhere within there is a good game but sadly I can not play it!!!! The online seemed to work okay but I am one of the crazy people that likes to play games offline as well and this game does have a single player campaign. Yeah I know it is not as good as Modern Warfare but what the hell, it's there!! But very quickly I learned the various game-killing bugs that plague this game. Most obvious is the "lost connection to ea.com." I even wasted time to email technical support with the issue still hoping to play the game. People that I talked to at the game store said don't worry about it just play online but I was worried about it. Anyway, today someone from EA emailed me back with a solution....FOR PC!!!!!!! I stressed that the was a 360 version issue but they didn't get that from the email. So just for fun I decided to try there method and surprisingly....it doesn't work. So I will be trading it in today for MW3!!!! As I said "What A Disappointment". Not that I have to settle for MW3 it may be a better game but I would have like to played both to make my own opinion.   


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Check out Syndicate

As much as I agree that Battlefield 3 sucks and that I hope Syndicate will be awesome, the games are nowhere near similar.

Try switching your region in the server browser, I think the default is set to europe so yeah you might want to switch it.

You play offline? Everyone here knows the offline for this game sucks.

Yawn.Have fun with MW3.

atleast mw3 looks like it could be fun at times. I don't play cod but it actually looks appealing.

^ Your kidding right? Any cod after MW2 is terrible. I find MW2 fun because it's VERY fast paced compared to MW3, the layout of the MW3 maps make it so. CAMP! You can't even use the scenery to your advantage as you could in MW2... I mean, are they camping in the spawn building on highrise? Just run behind the scrubs... Or jump from the crane to the building, killing dem snipers!

Who the hell buys a battlefield title for single player, apart from BC1, they always suck.