West Coast Servers Keep On Crashing!

Hey, I am just making sure it is just not me and a few friends in the area, but are you all joining games on the west coast and are getting disconnected nearly as soon as it goes back up? My friend and I co-own a xbox bf3 server, and all of a sudden it doesn't work. I tested with a 1 day server to my self, and same thing, not staying connected. My Internet is fine, and so are my friends. Maybe some staff that see's this can check it out maybe? I really don't like the fact that when I join my co-owned server, that we as well as all other players on the server get disconnected. This has been happening all last night, and today so far as well...


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Either try the battlelog forums, or get EA Support online. Might be some issues happening.  

yes this happened to myself and friend yesterday and this was the new server that ea gave us since the us east was giving us the same problem weeks before, but that was where it would kick everyone playing out then reset to 16 players.

it's like they have a ghost in the machine... but really this did not start happening until they added that TDCQ the 16 player Team Deathmatch.

Play in East Cast servers, they seem to be holding up pretty good.

EA said issue is know by Dice for about a week and they are looking into it. I bet after End Game is available tomorrow all will be good.

I cant even play right now without FOAMING at the mouth!! Damn servers just suck! I have a very strong internet conection, and I'm getting pwned on every match Plus I can even stay on a server long enough to change my bloody weapons or kits!!

the west coast server i admin has been down for 4 days now... you join in and in a less than a minute your dumped out with a Error Connection to EA lost message.
I am sure if all the US servers were down like this that EA would jump to fix it asap and not take such a long time, also that server reset to 16 players is bs too.

Meanwhile, I put in probably 8 hours gaming in 3 days, never dropped once.

hey vibro i hear that the ground is moving around over there a little more than normal-watch yer hed

Man I don't even notice 'em til they get over 5..

it's not just you but it's happening all over everywhere and it sucks can't play my favorite games