Werewolves Confirmed 11/2/11! Proof Included!

Let me start by saying that in all likelyhood this will be taken down as many forum posts I've seen about this have been taken down at Bethesda's request. Also, it should be expected that one, more or all links I've provided can be taken down any time.

Also, I suggest clicking this link

and listening to an epic orchestral song titled "He Who Brings The Night" for dramatic effect. Trust me, it's awesome and it fits perfectly.

Now then, onto the confirmation.

First off, this image was among the first leaked.

This is a potentially more credible image, as it is a hex editing window for Skyrim on PC which features stats from within the game. The original source can be found here. The poster claims his friend has renamed the hex editing window for comedic effect.

Possibly the most positive confirmation of all are the following two pics from the in-game quest journal and inventory screen. Click this and this.

Also, there are vids of leaked gameplay featuring werewolf npcs as well as player transformation. I won't link them here but they're easy to find (look them up on google or youtube or whatever and filter the results by looking only at content that was uploaded today). You may want to hurry though, as Bethesda is on the war path with containing this information. As I said in the beginning of my post, several forum posts I've seen have already been locked and deleted elsewhere.


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Niiice. hopefully it'll be a lil more useful to be a werewolf than a vampire was in oblivion

I hope this is legit! Thanks for posting!

If these are fake, they are well made fakes.


I'm glad I wasn't into the whole werewolf thing. Otherwise I'd be hyped again. I do hope it's legit though, it makes me wonder what else Bethesda has hidden from us.

It's legit.  Many have been banned from the Bethesda forums, lol.

They sure are aggressive. Lol. But it's their right to be.

I bet levitate is in the game now lol


But I am glad to hear it. To bad about Bethesda turning from a friendly Woodelf to a raging Orc in a matter of hours.

This is the reason why reviewers shouldn't even get copies early.  They are the ones leaking the games, duh.  Give them a FREE copy of the game on official release, then make then do their reviews.  Quit giving people copies of the game early and spoilers will be avoided.  If it is truly a great game, the reviewers are still going to reflect that in their writing.  

For a game this big, they could afford to give reviewers copies 5 days to a week before release with minimal leaks. Those reviewers will determine ratings. So I'd imagine giving them copies early is a good idea.


Speaking of ratings, how exactly is GOTY determined? Through ratings?

Dang it....... Honestly didn't think I could get any more excited for Skyrim.


Never liked being a vampire. This should be fun if it's really true.

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