Werewolf Boss fight on Death March


Saw people were having a hard time with this one, so hope that helps in some way. Check it out. Thanks!


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I'm not sure how my point was lost in all this but no harm done.  Carry on!  

His health meter didn't fluctuate at all.  Doesn't seem to be any challenge in a game if you have over-powered yourself in whatever difficulty you choose.  If he were to strip away all armor, usable items and carry a substandard iron mace I will be impressed.  Until then...yawn!  

This fight was a pain on DM. I used cursed oil, thunderbolt and swallow and just wailed away on him. I used Quen obviously and also ignii. I used Samum bombs to stun him. Took about 15 or so tries to kill him.


I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, maybe you need to cast Quen on yourself to protect yourself from forum comments?  lol

Anyway I guess it's because I've heard so many people complain about how easy the fights are in Witcher 3 that I wonder why they don't just have Geralt fight with the bare minimums? W3 isn't exactly Mortal Kombat.

Not sure if the manner of your response is in any way warranted. I apologize if it offended you, I suppose. I was the level recommended with a level 1 required sword. My build is around increasing my attack damage however, and I burst him to not let his health fluctuate. Again, sorry if it offended you. Hopefully you can find enjoyment in your playthrough without letting others' gameplay bother you too much. Cheers.

My feelings are not hurt, don't get me wrong. It's really really hard for that to happen. But to comprehend what type of hard on or inkling of satisfaction someone would get from showing hostilities to someone that did not offend them in some way or another is beyond me. But I digress. I actually rather enjoy the game so your statement eludes to find a correlation between me and your stance on the matter. Basically, I would go and tell that to those people who complain that the fights are too easy if you truly feel strongly about it, not to people who enjoy them as it doesn't pertain to or concern them. Again, cheers.