Went at midnight to buy the game.

I was at Wal-Mart at 11:30pm to get in line to buy the game. The last two years this very same Wal-Mart had snacks and drinks setup and free giveaways. So this year I wanted to get there somewhat early to get in on this and to discuss Madden with fellow gamers.

No one was there. No snacks, drinks, or free stuff. I was very disappointed that they did nothing this year. Man my small town sucks. About 10 minutes before midnight 4 guys showed up to get the game. So for such a big game our town could only muster up 5 guys to show up for a midnight launch of Madden '12. So sad. I wish our town had a Best Buy or Game Stop.

The game itself is worst then last year. The graphics are no better, maybe even worse. The game seems to glitch a lot. On Pro mode my receiver was one step from being out of bounds when all of a sudden the character is pulled back into the field of play to make a catch. The defense sucks at tackling. A defensive player will try to tackle and his body will go right through the offensive players body (this has always been a huge problem with Madden). Go to instant replay and watch a QB throw the ball. The animation sucks big time. The standard camera is to far away from the players while the zoom camera is right up their butt. The lines that show where the first down is will flicker in and out. The game seems to be running at 15 frames a second and the not the 60 frames per second that is advertised.

I haven't jumped into franchise mode yet but I have played Live Madden Moments, is there not a normal Madden Moments this year, and a couple of standard games and so far I am far from impressed. I was happy with last years Madden so maybe it is back to Madden '11.


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I noticed none of those problems.

Must be his small town connection. And why does your small town suck now, because they did not have the free snackies for you? :-(