Well.....This sucks

Started playing a cage match as normal, i shoot the other guy and the game ends right away.

now your thinking "network problems" but no the problem was this little **** modded the match so when i shot him i lose XP.

I am now 3.9m XP away from level 2 so im probably never going to make that XP back so here is my question....WHAT THE HELL DO I DO!

Im probably stuck on level 1 for the next 10k+ kills and this guy probably wont have anything done.


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you can`t do anything other than report the guy,you probably are now unable to play multiplayer at all.

Can still play, can still create classes, the only thing thats different now is that it says i ned 3.990.022 XP till my next level

if you still have the tag post it on the forums. also if you have a capture card you could get proof of it by getting footage of them doing it

This was posted August 12 2011,i think its a little late to report him.


xblpet don`t accept video footage as proof.


naming and shaming by posting tags is also not allowed on here.

they never learn

Why can't people get to 10th legitly like me?