...this game is fun....for about an hour...then it falls back on old old habits....a protracted game of fetch, quickly becoming tedious and boring....the amount of on screen action is impressive, but not much else here ...mixed with the typical over-the-top capcom characters ......ehh, the kiddies will enjoy it, which was the point I suppose.....the upcoming Dying Light will just be more of the same, maybe the parkour'ish movement will make the game more interesting, but I suspect Dead Island 2.5....what would be nice with this genre would be a 3rd party developer getting permission from Valve (since they've abandoned the console market) to make a new Left4Dead title ...a labor of love maybe


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I was reading online that there appears to be a L4D3 in the works. "A few players of Dota 2, another successful title from Valve, were lucky enough to tour the development studio’s facilities. During this time, they took snapshots of various computer monitors. It was on one of these monitors that they spotted the existence of Left 4 Dead 3 and subsequently leaked it to the public". The whole story is here: venturebeat.com/.../why-i-am-ashamed-of-left-4-dead-3s-leak

...thats cool (if indeed true) but I gotta agree with the editors though....kinda uncool to snap photos and leak it like that....it's kinda like getting a tour of a movie set and betraying the trust ...I'm all for the concept of ''whistle-blowers" where freedom and safety are concerned, but in the entertainment industry?.....I think certain people should have conducted themselves a bit more honestly ...still good news though....we still play the L4D games

I wouldn't say DR3 was made for the "kiddies". It was definitely fun but it has taken a backseat after I finished the campaign. As for Dying Light, if they manage a smooth release (unlike both Dead Island's) then I'm all for it. The nighttime element sounds like it can really separate it from their other games if they handle the right way. L4D3? Well, nothing's impossible but I've been wanting that a year after L4D2 was released lol. I gave up on that and the series. Loved the game, hella fun but got burned out and decided to give it away. Last I heard one of the main issues was the "fans" complained so much about Valve releasing L4D2 a year later so the backlash turned Valve off, hopefully they are over it now :)

I got this for Christmas and I have to say it is my favourite launch game.  Not sure why many reviews have given the visuals such a bashing, it may not run at the higher resolution settings of say Ryse or Forza 5 but the sheer amount happening on screen is very impressive and does showcase the power of the new Xbox One.  This is made up of similar sort of missions throughout the campaign, but it is the fun to be had dealing with the endless hordes of undead that has kept my interest and for me the most convincing zombie apocalypse game yet, obviously that is based on scale rather than its many comedy moments.

The problem I have with Dying Light is that the setting seems to happy to me. I want to see a burned out city, overgrown, crumbling buildings, not palm trees and beaches.