Well it happened :

I was so feed up with that Walking nightmare quest I deleted all 999 files except for the last auto-save file where I left off in the Temple for this quest with Erandur. Now the disc won’t even load that auto save. Looks like I just lost my entire game. Also, I look at the disc, and man the marks my system has made on this disc is something, wonder if this could be why the game wont load any more.


Anyway, I place Oblivion into my tray, and it fired right up no major load issues at all. This tells me it is that Skyrim disc itself that is bad. Oh, I also deleted that patch update the 10 mb, and when I tried to reload Skyrim again the update downloaded again but didn’t help.


I was only 4 achievements away for completion which will never happen because those last 4 achievements were the buggy ones that game me so much problems causing me to lose my 300 + hours of game play. So BEWARE, you having issues like did, don’t delete at your own risk. For me I am mailing my game disc back to Bethesda demanding a new game disc…I know, lost of luck but this is what I do. I will take the money lost but I won’t by another Elder Scroll game which hurts them not me…I can always rent !


Just think, “I was so close but yet, I stand so far away ” …..


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If its just on the plastic side of the disk those scratches can be polished off good as new! only if the scratch is on the data side or label then you are screwed.. I rember when I used to borrow DVDs from the public library they used to have a polisher that cleaned up such scratches on DVDs,, I would try an get it polished up before sending it any where, I believe they have kits now too that can fix those up..

Sorry to hear that Riven

I wouldn't have depended on one autosave....I've never thought of those as being stable saves anyway.  Well that sucks Riven.  

it does suck indeed, but to put a positive twist oin it, you can start a new character (differnt to the ones you have alreayd and play the game a fresh.

I have 3 saves per character pluis the 3 auitosaves but never overwrite the autosaves anymore.... this has resolved my issues (at least when I can get my game to work).

Unfortunately, you did delete the saves.


With the remaining Achievements, however, you could always start a new game... hopefully they aren't overly long-winded Achievements though.

One with the shaows (30 points) I was nearly done with this one.


Thief (30 points) I had all the locks done, working on 50 pockets.


Get married (10 points0 was waiting to do this one last.


Oblivion walker (30 points) had one more to get and that was in that Mind of maddness I was lock out of.


When I deleted those save I had to because those saves would not even open up or load at all. so I that just leave the auto-save LOL Oh brother what a mistake. As for polishing the disc ... they always tell gamers never polish your disc because you can damage it LOL ....Maybe polishing it will make it not damaged LOL.


And I know many of you are very so happy because there will be no more Riven threads LOL I can't see starting the game over again, things will only stay the same with the game not loading up right. Maybe the next patch might allow my disc to function right if there is another patch coming out. It has been said that Skyrim has at least 100,000 bugs in the game many open up after Bethesda sends out a patch it opens new bugs elswhere.

Why don't you have the game installed on your hard drive?  For a game like Skyrim, which I know i'm going to play for a LONG time, I will always install it to cut down on the wear & tear of the dvd drive.

Well just start the darn thing over.  

There are some posters who always remind me of my (deceased) husband. He would develop strange problems with his computer and ask me what was wrong. Our son and I would look at it, scratch our heads and say "Darned if we know, that's never happened to us" (we each had our own computer, it saved having "issues"). Some people seem to attract problems.


I'm sorry to hear that : (

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