Well I'm hitting myself

Just bought this on Amazon. Thought it was not hacked because of my bros friends playing it all the time. Really loved this game too. Now I have to be paranoid about a permaban if I do play. Needed something to hold me off till Deus Ex.


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stick to the single player or play with just your friends list online.

its not worth losing your 63,686 for.

I read that the infections are not in matchmaking but ok. SP is still fun. No friends of mine got this.

the infections in cod4 are every where,they can derank you or prestige you with one kill and if you were to continue playing you could end up getting banned.

have a look through this forum for genuine people and add them,and try the world at war thread as there are lots of genuine players there too that have cod4.

a good way to see if someone has had mods or still does is check their achievements for these 2 games,if they have 100% all done on the same day,thats a bit obvious.

I was just going by that thread that said you won't find infections in Match making. I guess I'll stay away from Online. At least they said they are trying to make MW3 like COD 4. Smaller less campy maps and less reliance on kill streaks. Glad my brother is buying it so I can actually See if it's true. Anyway Thanks Owen.

[quote user="Doctalen"] I guess I'll stay away from Online[/quote] its a shame but thats what most of the genuine players are doing. black ops will be the same soon enough.

It is a shame. COD 4 was my first Live game. I do see people uploading legit matches on youtube though and two of them were uploaded yesterday. That is probably a rarity. Aw well just gotta wait 10 days till Deus ex and I can try and 100% the Achievements on COD 4 if it even gets here by then.