So I was playing around and joined a quick match that was bronze. In the first wave host quit. It migrated and when it started we were in the 11th on gold. We got destroyed as none of us were set up for gold. so I dont know what points we would have gotten if we finished. I was just wondering if anyone knew what that was about.


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People were trying to do a credit exploit. Basically it allows you to get about 45k credits every 10 minutes or so. It's how most people have multiple rank 10 N7 card weapons (IE: Javelin / Scorpion / ect..).

Yep, it is a glitch. Sad how they have known about it for a while now and still it has not been patched. Hopefully they start handing out the bans soon as I'm tired of ending up in the games with the cheats.


I'm really surprised the bans haven't been thrown out there yet as the glitch equates to theft with the tie in of Microsoft/Bioware points to purchase credits. I suppose they could just be gathering evidence for a while and they'll drop the hammer all at once when it will be noticed that a huge portion of the community that is doing this kind of stuff gets banned. Making an impression and all that...

Whenever I hear people about doing the glitch i leave the lobby. Its sad how many people glitch to get credits. You can do a gold match with a low level infiltrator and make 60,000-70,000 credits. And isn't the point of the multi player to earn all the weapons and upgrades? I don't see any fun in doing glitches

It's also ironic that the Mass Effect wiki even mentions it under Bugs.