Weird Things happening!

Been playing alot of ground war lately and some weird things been happening. My Chopper gunner has went backwards and twitched in the air(everyone had a 4 bar)
My team has had 2 choppers in air before
Napalms are still killing me in buildings, Like the bunkers in Grid.. LOL
My dogs have been killing me.
I've been killed by an enemy sam turret after i hacked it, it direct impacted me.
And my spaz has somehow went fully auto and either jammed or lagged.
And the funny thing is, all this amazing stuff happens and the game doesn't show up in my recent games. And last note: Akimbo golden skorpions are amazing.

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In my experience Ground War has had some of the worst connections of any game mode.  Any games I played in that mode have always been laggy and glitchy.