Weird thing with the Stray Demon in the Asylum

    After returning to the Undead Asylum, I finally beat the Stray Demon. But something strange happened. I was using my Sorceror, circling him and shooting him with Great Heavy Soul Arrows. When I ran out, I shot regular Heavy Soul Arrows. When his health got low, and mine was low too, I panicked and switched over to the Drake Sword, and started pounding him. Then when he had no health left, I died. "You Died" came on the screen. But then, he died! "You Defeated" came on the screen too!

    I spawned at the Bonfire, and the floor to the demon wasn't broken. "Oh no," I thought. "It's glitched." But when I walked over it, I fell through, as usual. Only there was no demon. When I found my bloodstain, I recovered all my souls. Plus 20,000 more souls, apparently from the demon. How weird is that? Has something like that ever happened to you guys? We killed each other at the exact same time!

    One question - does the Stray Demon drop anything besides souls? If so, then I got cheated out of it :(  Is it anything rare that I can't get anywhere else?


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I thought he dropped some sort of titanite.

Yes, he drops a Titanite Slab.

Had a similar thing happen on my NG+ with the Belltower Demons, as I killed the second one I backstepped off the roof but didn't get a You Defeated, jut a You Died so thought I'd have to fight them again, when I got back the fog door was gone and no Demons :D

Stray Demon should have dropped a Titanite Slab too Vix.