Weird thing on Express

On the Express map when the train rolls through I'm sure that everyone knows that if you hit the train on the side you will die. But I have found that if you run into it head on it will push you back as bouncing you all over the place and suddenly you are somewhere else on the map as if you re-spawned but you don't have a death counted against you. I found this out when I was running down the tracks and didn't notice the gates had come down so when I turned the corner I ran face first into the train. I have done this several times since then and not died once.

Thoughts and has anyone else noticed this ?


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Just noticed that Galactic Geek has a similar post.

Weird glitch... AWESOME GLITCH.


I hope it works in Hardcore.

Yeah,had that a couple of times.I think they should have added a splat animation for when it hits you head on.That woulda been cool.