Weird party issue

I'm having this issue where if I'm running the room there are two people on my friends list that I normally play with that can not join on me.  It keeps telling them that the lobby is not available or something similar.  If they are running the room - then I can't join on them as well.  This only started happening like a month or so ago.  If someone else runs the room we can all get in.

I can't think of anything to clear or change or any reason why this would happen.  I haven't put avoid player or anything with them.  Have any ideas of what I could try and do to reset something?

Also, do you guys/gals have a lot of issues with parties being disbanded after a game is over.  I'll be sitting in a lobby and all of a sudden I get an invite from the party leader and it looks like that person is still in the lobby.  Usually happens after a match... 


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You all probably need to open your NATs. NATs directly effect party issues.

That gives me a direction to look.  Thanks and I take it that's more than just making sure my NAT says open Uneasy?

You can try here or the tech forums about how to open NATs (Im not sure), but I do know NATs directly effect party issuses that you are having.

appreciate taking the time Uneasy!

I have the same issue with another guy who lives two time zones away. We can't join games or parties with just the two of us. When someone else is present then we can play. So yeah OP it's more than likely a case of the NAT's. He has a moderate setting and I usually run Open.

there has been a issue with parties since release at least with me and it seems with you op i had the same  problems 

my problems were not two times zones but any thing between 50 and 250 miles 

^^Did you both have Open NATs?