Weird occurances with sniper rifles

It seems that in every match I've played, all snipers are one hit kills regardless if they land a headshot or not. I remember I was chasing after a sniper in the subway tunnels with a shotgun. I must have shot him in the back three times before he turned around and shot me  in the face with an SV98 (from maybe 10 meters away). Several other occurances were happening where it almost seemed like some people had aimbot because they would run around the corner and kill you before you even had a chance to pull the trigger.


Also, due to the fact that this game does not of anti-aliasing (smoothing the jagged lines), snipers have a huge advantage while prone or while indoors (like in the buildings in the last part of OP Metro). The scope reflect seems to only happen 1/4 of the time as well. I think that something needs to be done so that they aren't so hidden. I mean, their guns kill in 3 bullts or less, little to no recoil, and then the fact that you can't even see anything because of all the jaggies past 100 feet? This is going to be a huge issue.


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Still can't bring myself to use that class.

I've used it and the scopes make it really easy to see the whole map. Plus, recoil is way less than it was in BC2, which is weird because it seems like every other gun in this game has more recoil. I like the fact that you can use iron sights with the weapon but the lack of significant recoil makes it seem a little OP

if its anything like other battlefields you will end up with 10 snipers per team..........................boooring......switches off xbox

i quite like it from a playing with and playing against point of view. At the end of the day if you kill them once you know where they are the next time. The SV98 is the most powerful and yes it pretty much is a 1 shot, the downside to that rifle is that its bolt action so reloads are paintfully slow.