Weird Message!

When I booted up the game last night a message popped up before it got to the title screen.  It read:  New Content has been added to the game, do you wish to restart the game- yes or no.   I have no idea what in the world this was about.  I have downloaded all the DLC, with Dead Money being the last 2 days ago.  Thing is that I was already well into Dead Money, and had turn the console off and on a few times.  Just weird.


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Your console has been compromised. Activate the Omega 13 Protocol, pack your loved ones into the family car and drive down to Tegucigalpa in central america. There you will find a short, fat man wearing a panama hat by the name of Alessandro. Say to him, "the moles have snuck into the garden lastnight." when he responds, "You should send in the exterminator." pin a small pink carnation into his lapel and follow him into the dilapidated shack and follow his instructions implicitly.

What a "THRILLing beginning. If he asks you which KAPSULE you want, choose the small red one. It tastes like strawberry but will give you the insight to your next move.

Nice touch, Mr. Vee lol. I wonder what ever happened to the original poster McBeef, and I wonder if he survived his ordeal.

It's possible he's stuck in the BoS bunker like I am. I had to step back a save to get out. I think I may be doing Veronicas quest too soon. Keep getting the black screen of death. I'm not sure I can take on 4 Brothers at level 15. I'll do more stuff and try again later. I didn't get the message he's mentioning.

I am quite fine.  I am now enjoying some fine dining at the Ultra Luxe Casino on the Vegas Strip.  We are enjoying some wine and some kind of special meat entree that the house chef has prepared.  It absolutely spectacular.