Weird graphics glitch

All the black shades were turned bright blue for 30 seconds; it was horrifying enough to have to deal with the blue tint beforehand.


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Sounds like it could a couple of things. Either the graphics within your 360 are starting to lose their edge or your television is showing signs of age. Could also have been an odd read on your disc that happened for a moment.

When it happened I quickly switched to cable channels and they were fine. But when I came back to my xbox 'channel' it was happening again, so either my Xbox or the game. The thing is this game has a lot of visual bugs. One time one op Firestorm the road had a red patch 50ft by 50ft.

I'm not sure though because my xbox is pretty old and it gives me the "couldn't read disc" error when I initially turn it on some days.

I've had the same thing happen to me on Metro. The screen turns a blue shade, only lasts briefly. And my Xbox is relatively newer.

Haven't played for a week, so I haven't really had time to play all that often.

Yeah i saw it too,It went bright blue like a commodore 64 game.