Weekend Event, Legendary Drop Rates Increased!

Gearbox is doing this to get us ready for the new DLC that releases January 15th. Yesterday Legendary Shotguns were increased and today is Grenade Mods. So if your looking for some then today is the day to farm. Here's the link for more info http://gearboxsoftware.com/community/articles/985/borderlands-2-gear-up-weekend


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How u kill hyperious 50 times isnt he a daily still ? Or did I miss that

hmm so i might be better at finding stuff when i am offine if they can control the drop rate when online

just dropped gee and he dropped a barking volcano sniper.

Got nothing.....thumbs down.

Killed gee twice and the second time the gate locked. No problem with hyperius or pete, and hyperius dropped me a shredifier.

the people i know are saying were getting less drops not more.as well gearbos didnt say higher chance of legendaries just better drops so that includes blues purps and etech.

luckily a friend was looking for a purp otherwise killing hyperious 50 times today would have been a waste of time.

so gearbox can mess with drop rates huh?without dlc or a patch thats pretty tricky to do...

I went back to gee after save/quit had unlimited access and completed his challange.

I also got a shredifier and hornet from hyperius.

They removed the lockout on all the raid bosses awhile ago. And by the way, today is snipers.

In order to get the shotguns or grenade mods do you have to be playing multiplayer online?