Website glitch.

Hello everyone. I am in need of a favor. I was hoping someone could get on to the mortal kombat website home page for me. I've been trying to get there but I am stuck on the age gate screen. It doesnt allow me to enter the year, only the month and day. So if someone could go to   and put the link of the homepage, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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you still have to go to the age gate dude. but hell heres the link.

ah well. thanks for trying. Could you by chance see if this problem has been posted on the forums, and if not could you post it. Sorry if I am asking too much. You dont have to do it if you dont want to. Thanks again.

i get a general error when trying access the TALK MK :s

It happens. Just wait it out. I got it last week. Seems to happen near Tuesdays, it looks like. I guess they take them offline to do some clean up or posts.

Yea I'm getting the General Error right now.

by the looks of it they've got there gaming servers twined with the web site servers as both are terrible

I am still getting General Error when I go to the boards. I thought it was my cache but I cleared it out along with my history and such and still get the error message. They need to get that thing fixed and fast. Hopefully it wont take them as long to fix that as it is with the netcode.