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Is there any way to change the weather in franchise mode? I've played 8 games already and they've all been in the rain..


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Same here.  Every  game out doors is rain.  I may have to start selecting the weather for a change.

I honestly never had this problem yet lol.. but then again i play as my Atlanta Falcons.. and they have a dome and about 11 or 12 of their games are indoor but the outdoor games i had were in sunshine... soo i have absolutly no idea what is up with this.. im just hoping they patch this up along with all the other crap...... :( very depressing

I've been wondering the same thing i went through a whole season and i either got sunshine or rain with a few games in between where i would see the player's breath but other then that i've seen no snow and you would think you would see some snow in places like Greenbay or New England.